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Usable water, renewable energy, and recovery of raw materials are a worldwide emerging topics due to the lack of clean water, the need of regenerative energy, and the depletion of raw materials. BLUE-tec offers sustainable technologies as a solution for these emerging problems.

Forward Osmosis, Ammonia Membrane Stripping and other Membrane Filtration Technologies

Among other technologies, BLUE-tec focuses on development of Forward Osmosis and Ammonia Membrane Stripping. We are a leading company in supplying these technologies, always in search of new opportunities to increase sustainability of water processes, whether it is for industry, agriculture or wastewater treatment.

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21 March 2017
50th Essener Tagung will visit FO-FO/FO-MD pilot plant at WWTP Simpelveld on the 24th of March.

13 March 2017
BLUEtec succesfully installed FO-RO/FO-MD pilot plant at WWTP Simpelveld.

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